I have deep firsthand knowledge of back pain.  Scoliosis required four operations by the time I as 12. Before the surgeries, 6 years of gymnastics had made me grow accustomed to being physically active and in control of my body. But the onset of severe scoliosis and surgeries ended my pursuit of this passion and left me wheelchair bound for nearly 2 years. 

In the following years I was fearful that any physical activity would only result in more pain… until I discovered yoga. I found in yoga a safe haven, a safe way to stay active while also aiding pain prevention. This was an important first step on my journey to better health which led me to acquire degrees and accreditation in Nutrition, yoga therapy and occupational therapy respectively.  
However, there was still something missing. While self-care is mandatory for everyone, there is still an aspect that is equally important; the healing powers of TOUCH. I was compelled to study further to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Now, through yoga therapy and myotherapy I know what it feels like to regain true physical freedom.
It is this understanding and experience that impassions my myotherapy and yoga therapy practice.