Receiving massage therapy after an injury is crucial to the healing process. Sometimes pain is felt immediately, but very often the pain will present itself within a few hours or days. It's incredibly common for stiffness, pain, tension and discomfort to set into the injured areas within two weeks. In several cases, even if pain is not felt immediately, injuries can pain can present themselves month and even years down the road if not properly treated after an accident. 

Whiplash, the most common injury following a car accident, is the result of micro tears in the muscles and soft tissues. The build up of scar tissue, which is the bodies natural defense in preventing further injury is also a contributing factor regarding pain. Scar tissue layers itself down and is very thick and dense with overlapping layers This often causes the tissue to become "stuck" and form adhesions (knots) around the injured area.

Receiving massage therapy after an accident is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a healthy prognosis. Without treatment, even in the most minor of accident, any injured tissue won't heal properly can cause problems years down the road. Imbalances in the body caused by the injuries will compound throughout the body. Chronic pain is also a long term ailment for many that do't seek massage therapy after an accident. 

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