People suffer from migraines and headaches for many different reasons. Massage therapy is one the most effective forms of natural treatment. Whether it's to relieve symptoms or for preventive care, massage therapy is incredibly effective. 

Massage therapy focuses on a few different aspects. First, high stress levels and fatigue are often a contributor of people receiving headaches. Massage therapy is scientifically proven to reduce high stress levels and fatigue, thus reducing headache symptoms. Second, trigger points, taught muscles and imbalanced muscles surrounding the head, neck and shoulders can often trigger a headache. Depth and pressure is always the most significant aspect of a massage for someone suffering from a headache. While some prefer deep pressure, other are able to tolerate just a light amount of pressure. There is no right or wrong, as every person and headaches is unique. What matters most is treating the headache so that you can return to living the quality of life you desire!

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