Lexy Lovell Georgette is wonderful.  She is intuitive, caring, and communicative.  I began treatments with her in the fall after I discovered the effect body work can have on trauma and am now healing with her help. Georgette takes the utmost care to make sure I am comfortable, that she has heard my concerns. Her "hours" are far more than 60 minutes as she allows time to speak a little before the massage and then allows for me to have time to myself afterwards so I do not have to rush. Her studio is so warm and welcoming, with lovely antiques, plants, super soft sheets, heated pads, and the flicker of soft candlelight. Georgette always has a cup of water available as well as herbal tea warmed by a candle.  While all of these are important to relaxation, it is Georgette's keen intuition and recognition of tightness and resistance in the body that I don't even notice that makes her so good at healing.  She loves what she does and I feel that every time I see her.  I appreciate her graciousness deeply.

Courtney Bencze  - Georgette is made to heal people.  Take a look at her hands; a perfect balance of gentle strength.  She radiates grounded, calm energy and somehow manages to channel this into your body and soul.  She's clearly well studied in the body and therapeutic methods of both structural and emotional transformation, as each time she has had me on her table I have left brighter in body, mind and spirit.

Jeff Rogers - I first came to the office to get some help with some issues caused by a severe low back injury I suffered about a year ago. I have visited several other offices but happy to say my search has ended. Georgette means business! She has been helping me not only with some top notch therapy, but also by giving me practical ways to help my situation on a daily basis/between sessions. It's very clear that she truly cares about her patients' needs. Highly recommended!

Andrea Grillone - Our body is our temple, and we have to take care of it. It's all we have. Georgette helps you identify the problem areas and she is incredibly thorough with her treatments. She is passionate about her work, makes you feel cared for and special. She has helped me through a series of sessions with a very challenging situation, to feel like myself again. I can't recommend her enough. 

Adrianne Stern - Wow, I have had A LOT of massages in my life and that by far was one of the most relaxing and therapeutic massages I have ever had. Her grounding soothing nature showed through her massage. I came in with neck and shoulder pain, walked out feeling taller, at peace and extremely happy. She has a true gift and you can totally feel it thru her hands.

Vanessa Howson  - Georgette is professional and clearly knows what she is doing!  I felt like she catered to exactly what my needs were rather than a cookie cutter massage.  She made me feel comfortable and cared for with her unique long stokes and detailed deep tissue work.  I felt more present in my body and centered after my session with Georgette.   I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personalized massage.