Heath and Wellness

Massage therapy for health and wellness has become increasingly prominent in recent years as millions of people are recognizing the benefits of preventive and alternative healthcare. As of the oldest forms of medicine, massage can and will improve the quality of your life. While massage therapy for injuries and illness is incredibly effective, just a effective and sought after is massage therapy for health and wellness. 

Just as we brush our teeth to prevent cavities, massage therapy can prevent injuries, imbalances and bring a consistent state of wellness to the mind and body. Regular massage sessions have been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol levels and increase circulation. Diminishing unnecessary stress in your life is one of the greatest contributors to a healthy life style.

What matters most is your receive regular massage therapy sessions not how often. The average of most people that aren't receiving massage for a specific injury or aliment is every 3-4 weeks. Some people receive more often, others receive a little less. If you can commit to a minimum of 1 massage every quarter, or 4 times per year your body, mind and spirit will no doubt be grateful. Your body is capable of feeling amazing, you just need to make the commitment. 

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